May 7th, 2020

Accessibility or Morals?

The call to boycott large (tech) companies that put profit over its people, is getting louder by the day. Amazon, Uber and in the Netherlands, Are a few of the companies on the "black list". Here in the Netherlands… Read more Accessibility or Morals?
December 13th, 2019

The Inclusive Conference

Sometimes I get excited about people tweeting about this great upcoming conference, usually in another country than where I live. I head over to the conference website, check the great list of speakers and then slowly, my excitement dies down.… Read more The Inclusive Conference
October 11th, 2019

WordPress Editor Style

For future reference for myself and for others here is how you enable editor stylesheet1 for WordPress in the Classic Editor with cache busting versioning. Add this code to you theme functions.php file. Be aware, this does not work with… Read more WordPress Editor Style