Field Notes Colors

I have been using Field Notes notebooks since early this year. I use a graph one daily to keep my temp and weight data. The lined one for ideas and website details and the blank one for on the go. The pen and pencil are put to good use also.

When they announced the colors version I was disappointed it was subscription only as I rather only buy colors I really like, and 129 dollars is a bit steep to spend at once on notebooks. So I was very happy when I found out that their latest color “Just Below Zero” is was available as a 3-pack also and ordered one right away.

Today I got it in the mail with the usual extras of pen, pencil, rubber band, sticker and a button.

Field Notes Package Field Notes goodies

The lettering on the covers are done in shiny silver and look pretty nice. If you depend on the info inside the back cover you’ll have a hard time reading it in the light blue colored one. But my 3-pack is nicely stored until I get a good use for one of them. They are limited editions after all.

Just Below Zero

Hopefully my notebook needs have been satisfied for a while!

Note: photos where taken with iPhone 3G and edited with Best Camera app.

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