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Food Guide to The Hague

- August 9th, 2013 -
This post is more than 3 years old. Check the new and revised post published in 2016: The Hague Food Guide.

Over a year ago I wrote a Coffee and Sandwich Guide to The Hague. Since then the ratings and my taste have changed.
For this guide I’ll list places I frequent in The Hague and Rotterdam or that are on my list for when needed. Restaurants of several cuisines, sandwich shops and coffee bars.

First I must note, 13 months ago I discovered Jordy’s Bakery. Situated on Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam. A co-worker tipped me about the place that is on walking distance from work. Their bread are the best I have tasted so far and I have eaten a lots of different bread to date. Since then I get my lunch almost daily there, even though they discontinued the hummus sandwich which was their best one in my opinion, also the only vegan option.
I was never a huge meat eater so my first choice is mostly vegetarian or vegan sandwiches. If I’m planning on having a light dinner I’ll opt for a meat sandwich.

Since eating there I stopped going to Lebkov. Maybe my taste has changed, maybe I have higher expectation about the bread I eat, but the last two times I went there I couldn’t even finish the sandwich because it just tasted bland. Their pasta and soup are still good tho. This winter I went a couple of times when they had pea soup on the menu and it was good every time.
By not going to Lebkov my coffee intake has lowered also. Jordy’s Bakery does not have decaf coffee(nor my work place), so I only drink coffee on my day off when at Bagels and Beans or Hometown Coffee.

In my previous guide I also mentioned Milly’s. Sadly enough after the renovation they changed their name to ‘Boerenbroodjesland’ and made their sandwich menu like the hundreds other regular broodjeszaken(sandwichshops). I went there twice after they reopened; they don’t serve the sandwich made to order anymore. You get it pre-made in a takeaway box. I’m not a fan of cold bread. They switched from the nice smoked bacon to some cheap bacon you get at the grocery store chopped in small blocks. Too bad, I really liked the cozy small lunchroom and their small but good menu.

As a regular customer at different places I learned a couple of things; never change the whole menu at once. Make sure there are vegetarian and vegan options. Have weekly specials, if one of them are a huge success make it a regular option and remove one of the least liked menu items.

Humans are habit animals, they keep returning because they know the food and don’t have to think much about what to eat. I hate it when I go again to a place I’m used to and the menu has been completely revamped. Think about it, when in lunch rush or just want a place to meet people and have a bite. You rather go to a place you know than try out something new.

Lunch spots The Hague

‘t Hof van Eten *award winning sandwiches. Almost always full, make reservation.

Bocadillo Desperensero
Bocadillo Desperensero

Bagels and Beans

Bagel with banana, maple syrup and cinnamon
Bagel with banana, maple syrup and cinnamon

De Bakkerswinkel

Grilled cheese, sundried tomatoes and courgette sandwich.

Baklust (breakfast, lunch and dinner) *vegetarian

Apple and cinnamon pancakes with maple syrup

Lunch spots Rotterdam

Jordy’s Bakery

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Buiten *organic

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Vlaamsch Broodhuys

Hummus and Bulgur Sandwich
Hummus and bulgur, artichokes, tomato and mozzarella

Coffee spots The Hague

Where I get dinner when eating out

I have more places on my list but I haven’t eaten there yet. I only mention places where I have eaten more than once and that have good food.

When not in the mood to cook or eat out/takeaway and I want to eat reasonable healthy I buy ready made meals at Marqt. Their Lasagna Bolognese and Melanzane Parmiggiano are my current favorites. Marqts ready made meals are from Uit de Keuken van Maass. Fresh made, organic without conservatives.

Another place where I only went once, they don’t have a website nor facebook page and I hope they are still open, is Limoncello on Bankastraat. It’s a very small Italian lunchroom. The one time I went there I had one of the best pasta dishes ever:

Ravioli al Tartufo
Ravioli al Tartufo

Rotterdam has way more places than The Hague but due that I work in Rotterdam I only eat out at lunch and close by work. Which leaves only Nieuwe Binnenweg. Buiten and Vlaamse Broodhuys are more expensive than Jordy’s Bakery, so getting a hummus sandwich there everyday would make me go broke in no time. I’m going to try after the vacation to start taking more lunch from home instead of buying every day.
We are also getting a new restaurant at work, so fingers crossed they have better lunch options than the previous one.