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A Day Eating Out in The Hague

Keeping a reasonable healthy diet means I usually stick to the same places when eating out. I seldom try new places without research first. Plus I usually avoid your usual standard lunch like bread(pistolet) with cheese/ham/kroket and other standard staple Dutch lunch.

Even at home I never just eat a cheese sandwich, at the most basic I’ll eat a cheese sandwich on sourdough bread with a bit of mustard, tomato and green on red onion. Peanut butter sandwich? Make that Zeemansboter with banana and sprinkle of brown sugar on sourdough bread. They don’t sell Zeemansboter anywhere in The Hague but you can buy it online. Or check their site for stores that sell them elsewhere.

Back to eating out. I’m listing three go to places for every meal of the day. My dinner choice here is questionable, I wasn’t overly impressed but the place is worth a try.


Will’s Pancake House

A household name in The Hague. Situated in the city center in China Town. Run by Will’s son Berry and his wife. The best pannekoeken, American pancakes and poffertjes. They also have waffles. Good price, fast and friendly service. My go to place when craving a sweet breakfast. Notice: you can only pay with cash.


‘t Achterommetje

Hidden in the alley street that runs across De Passage. I walk by almost every time I go to Marqt for groceries, which is a lot. I finally decided to have lunch there. Healthy and delicious food, good prices but very busy during lunch, you have to be lucky to get a table. Or eat there after 14:00 which I noticed is more quiet. You can get sandwiches, soup, salads and high tea. They also have warm meals later in the day but I haven’t gone there for that yet.

Pumpkin Vega Burger
Pumpkin Vega Burger

That was one of the best veggie burger I had. It was large and left me completely full, I even skipped dinner that day.


B.I.T. Grill & Café

This new restaurant annexed to Hotel Corona is focused on meat and more meat. I went there for their Gourmet Cheese Burger. Good price and premium meat. You get fries or baking potato with it and some slaw. For no more than 13 euros. Service is a bit uptight. It wasn’t busy at all when I went but when I asked for a table at 17:00 they had to get the reservation book like it would be a major imposition. I ate and went leaving the (big)place more than half empty. I can imagine they get busy after 19:00 so make reservations to be safe. I may go back to try their meat stew. I’m big on good service when dinning out, so if I don’t feel it next time it will be the last.

The Burger Quest

I’m currently looking for a good burger place. Hence I tried B.I.T. out, the meat was good but I wasn’t impressed with the burger as a whole. I currently have two more places to try and one in Rotterdam. I’m not a big meat eater so it will take a while before I have tried them all out. Once you have tried The Kim Chief Burger you won’t be happy with just any burger.

If you rather make your own burger I recommend getting a Merguez burger at Marqt. Grill it on the grill pan and serve on lightly toasted bread with mayo(Hellman’s), ketchup, mosterd, onion, tomatoes and slaw. Simple, easy and beats most burgers you can get at café’s.