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April 6th, 2015 //

For a long while now I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Love, because I can keep up with my family in Aruba and Curacao. When you only go home every other two years or longer, Facebook is an easy way to see the kids grow and share life. Although WhatsApp is a good thing for that too.

Hate, because it’s easy and addictive. You get sucked up in the “perfect” life we all put out in the world. Rationally I know Facebook can be really fake and superficial, but it’s easy to get caught up. I stopped posting meaningful things a long time ago, I post more on Instagram than I do on Facebook.

Some of you know I used to write a personal weblog years ago. I still have the weblog but I post way less and not so personal as before. I even took down all old posts. Events this year have made me long to get back at writing, and personal is what I feel I write best. I like sharing, even if it’s with one reader only.

So I decided to start this newsletter and I hope I will be able to keep it up with at least one post a week in which I’ll share my regular ordinary life and things I come across, like books, a website and articles. Anything I want to share. It will be personal, like a boring on going biography. Although I don’t find it boring, I like reading about other people real lives.

If you want to join my journey to write regularly, quit Facebook in the sense of no more posts on Facebook(except a least one to share this new endeavour) and find out what I’m up to. Feel free to sign up to this newsletter. Your email is safe with me, I don’t think I’ll send more than one newsletter a week, that is if I manage to write one every week.

This first newsletter will be public, the next one only subscribers will receive in their inbox. The personal tone will start then. I like interacting so I’ll be giving ways in the next newsletter to contact me if you want to react to what I have written or just to say hi.

Till next…. -Darice

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