The Quiet Musings


- June 5th, 2015 -

Last month Waldberg opened its door at the Nieuwe Binnenweg 105A in Rotterdam. Waldberg is the first döner restaurant that is mostly organic and focussed on good food.

Most if not all of us are familiar with the standard döner eatery on every street corner. In all my 15 years living here I think I ate at those places no more than 15 times. Even that is too much. I haven’t eaten there in more than two years. A while back a research was published in the paper on how bad the hygiene of most of those places are. Which is why I stopped getting food there. Not to mention how much salt there is in the food.

The owner of Waldberg moved from Berlin to the Netherlands six years ago. As someone familiar with döner and with a passion for good food he was shocked by the state of döner eateries here. Which is one of the reasons why he and his business partner started Waldberg.

The place has a nice, modern and clean interior. All food is fresh and safely stored at recommended cold temperatures. The veggies are organic, chicken and beef meat are from responsible farming, no mass produced meats. The sauces are all made with yogurt. No fatty garlic sauces here.

It’s a bit more expensive than your regular Joe döner but worth every cent hands down.

Waldberg chicken sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Waldberg wrap
Beef BBQ Wrap

I had lunch there a couple of times, I tried the chicken classic döner sandwich, the beef bbq wrap and the beef bbq sandwich. Delicious and nothing like what we know as döner food.

A döner sandwich or wrap starts at 5,00 euros. You can get beef, chicken or vegetarian(hummus). There is a nice selection of sauces, salads and veggies. You can also make your order a menu with side dishes. I got the french fries one time as side dish. It’s potato pieces with skin on without salt. They don’t have that dreadfully salt shaker that all other places have to drown the french fries in salt. Instead you get a small salt sachet.

Hopefully Waldberg will be a success and expand with more locations. The Hague certainly could use a Waldberg.