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The Hague Food Guide

- June 5th, 2016 -
Last updated on June 25th, 2016

I have been living in the city center of The Hague for about five years now. The places I frequent for lunch and dinner have changed a lot. Being a routine and comfort person I tend to stick to the same places. I stop going when I get bored with the menu or if the food quality goes down. Also, if the service becomes so abysmal that the food isn’t worth it anymore.

Without much ado, the places I frequent, as in, when not in the mood to cook or when eating out with friends/family.

Breakfast / Lunch

Will’s Pancake House When I’m craving American Banana Pancakes or a good ole traditional Poffertjes. They take cash only, so make sure you got at least a 20 on you. Still the best and only pancake place in the city. Haven’t set food in the one at Malieveld in ages. Being the city slicker I have become…it is so far for just a plate of pancake. (Note: I walk, I don’t bike)

Walter Benedict This French Bistro at Denneweg that specializes in poached eggs have an all day breakfast menu. For the ones with a large appetite you can even get a hamburger before noon. They have a very good burger loaded with cheese and optional bacon. Love bacon but not that hungry? What about avocado with bacon on toast. Unless you plan to be there early (they open at 9) make sure to make a reservation because they tend to be very busy at times.

Happy Tosti Grilled cheese sandwich, the king of comfort food. Perfect for when you wake up without bread and cheese in the house. Happens to the best of us. Also great for those rainy noons and afternoons when you just want a warm sandwich loaded with cheese.

‘t Achterommetje Guilty free eating. Soup, sandwiches, smoothies and salads. From veggie burger to the best steak sandwich currently. Rather have a grilled cheese sandwich? You can choose your own combi here. Hidden in the alleys of De Passage, they are almost always full. Make reservations if going in the week-end.

Baladi This small Lebanese place can be found at Torenstraat. Fresh made Lebanese manouche (flat bread) with cheese, za’atar, meat or hummus. Try their fresh lemonade. It’s so good, you’ll drink it in one go.

Lunch / Dinner

Woeng Kee My new favorite Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Their Dim Sum menu might not be as extensive as Kee Lun Palace, but what they do have is good. Their fried rice is fluffy and I love fried rice. They have an exquisite Honey and Pepper Beef (or chicken). It’s so good that I overate. I still need to try their roasted duck, but to avoid an overeating incident again I’ll have to find more dinner partners. Good place to order online or eat in.

Green Bowl No time to cook or in the mood to but you still want to eat healthy? Green bowl’s salad is the answer. I always order the same thing: Deli Steak Salad. A small cut of beef cooked with mushrooms, potato and green beans served on a salad with dressing of choice. Beside a select chef specials (fish, vegetarian, chicken and vegan) you can choose own salad combi. They also have wraps and soups.

SLA Want to eat even more healthy? SLA at Kerkplein is so healthy you feel like eating a hamburger the next day. One of their slogan is “Munch on mother nature” and it’s spot on. Their salads are served cold and they switch menu every season. They are new in town, I have no idea if in colder months they serve warm salads. It’s a perfect go to meal if you want to eat very healthy.

Frietwinkel at Kortepoten. One day Cupcakechic was suddenly gone to never be seen again and now the location is taken by my favourite fries at the moment. Frietwinkel serves organic fresh cut fries with the skin on and it couldn’t be better. Still hungry? They have beef and goat cheese croquettes among others. And on Friday and Saturday you can get beef stew. They have a nice take away box making it easy to get your fries to go.

Dunglemann The Hague’s best beef croquettes can be found at Dunglemann’s. With three locations: Babylon, De Nieuwe Passage and Hoogstraat. A perfect quick lunch for on the go.

Hoender en Hop craving a roasted chicken or ribs with a good craft beer? Hoender is the place to be. I love roasted chicken but not leftover chicken which is why I almost never cook it myself. So every time I crave roasted chicken I get one at Hoender. These organic French chickens are the right size for one meal They are now serving a palm sized chicken which is more starter than a meal. Too bad. Hoender spareribs tho, is addicting, I have to contain myself to not eat these regularly, you know with eating healthy and all. It’s a very salty and fatty meal, so I only treat myself that sporadically. My current favourite special beer to go with a fatty meal is Kompaan’s Vrijbuiter No 45.

Beer Garden In the basement at Kerkplein a stone trow from SLA. It can be a battle of wills; healthy or junkfood, healthy or junkfood? But if you are going to eat junkfood, Beer Garden is the place to eat junkfood. Burgers, hotdogs, quesadillas, onion rings and all the craft beers you want. And even better, the food is organic. They also have a terrace so you have your choice of seating.

South of Houston For a New York experience South of Houston is the place to be. Situated at Plein, they currently have the best burger in the city. Their steak (dry aged meat) and rack of lambs are perfect for meat lovers. Their menu has changed a bit. Some new Starters like Fried Squid, the herb crusted chicken has been replaced by roasted chicken, which I need to try out soon. Their two vegetarians meals have also been updated. All in all a balanced menu. A perfect place for a nice night dinning out.

I would eat out more if The Netherlands had guidelines about salt use. The United States is starting with recommendations for restaurants.