A podcast interview

Last year Tamar Doorduin interviewed me for her podcast, Ziek. It’s a Dutch podcast where Tamar interviews people who are chronic ill, deal with mental illness, and other disabilities. Looking for the crossroad of ableism, sexism, and racism. My episode is now online for listening.

It’s the first time I ever publicly talk about being chronic ill and everything around it. From becoming late-deaf to undergoing a kidney transplant. How I balance health and work. We also talk about organ transplant, accessibility and inclusiveness.

The interview is a year old, since then I have gone on being more open and practicing being vulnerable. It’s the best way to tell stories and bring awareness about inclusiveness and accessibility.



The podcast is also available on iTunes. There are two episodes, the main one and a bonus one.


There are transcripts in Dutch and English. The English one is generated with Google Translate by me. So not error free, I did clean it up some. English transcript episode and transcript bonus episode.

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