Unmeasurable Accessibility: The Case for Inclusive Design

I have written before about becoming a speaker. Now there is an online talk available that I gave for Fronteers first digital meetup.

Digital Meetup with Rachel Andrew & Darice de Cuba, june 19 2020 from Fronteers on Vimeo.

View Unmeasurable Accessibility: The Case for Inclusive design on Notist.

In Autumn last year I wrote a talk, Unmeasurable Accessibility: The Case for Inclusive Design, which I gave for the first time at an A11Y meetup in Rotterdam. A week later I gave it again at Refresh Con in Groningen.

This year with the current situation and canceled conferences, the call of papers I submitted to was called off. Luckily I was asked by Fronteers to give an online talk for their first online meetup. I had 30 minutes for my talk.

The Fronteers talk is a summarized version of the original one which is 45 minutes to one hour. The combination of my college studies (Communication systems), being a front-end developer, and being deaf gives me a different experience and outlook than the mainstream one. Almost every time I am interacting IRL and online I come across barriers that can be avoided if people and systems were more inclusive.

As long as we are creating things, this talk and the subject is always evolving. Just like a website is never done, neither is making things inclusive.

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