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About Darice

The name is Darice de Cuba, born on Aruba 38 years ago. Residing in The Hague, Netherlands. Speaks a good amount of Papiamento, Spanish, English, Dutch and some basic sign language. Can also lipread in all previous mentioned languages. Works as a front-end developer with a passion for accessibility and inclusiveness. Got questions? Might have answers at

I also write elsewhere in Dutch. About a variety of personal topics related to me being late-deaf.

Muji in SOHO, New York. August 2018



the website

This website has been around since 2003. Supplied by Macintosh, late night coding and eager youth. These days it sees a new post once in a while. The current design, Minimalista 2.1, is my playground to try new CSS3 techniques and font combinations. All photos are mine or from Unsplash

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication -Da Vinci


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I don’t have a proofreader or an editor to correct my grammar. Read at your own risk.