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Gilmore Girls, the revival

- November 27th, 2016 -

Photo of Lorelai and Rory in winter Stars Hollow

I am not a hardcore Gilmore Girls fan. I can’t even remember which year I started watching Gilmore Girls and I certainly can’t quote from the show like I still do with Friends 12 years after the finale.

The only shows that stayed with me long after they wrapped up are Friends and Frasier. Friends carried me through my college years, first time away from home living in student housing. And later when I got sick, Friends helped me keep my cool. Later on Frasier joined late night when I was lying in the hospital after my kidney transplant. Since then I always put one or the other to watch when I need some distraction or nostalgic comfy feelings.

I did like Gilmore Girls enough and after having seen it more than twice, I was excited for the revival. The last revival I was into was the Veronica Mars movie. I even supported the crowd funding for the movie. The movie was followed by two books that continued the story. I’m hoping the Gilmore Girls creators will also release a book.

The Gilmore Girls revival is going to be the revival to beat. 9 years later they managed to recreate the whole Gilmore Girls world like it never went away. They got all the cast back, although some in lesser capacity due to other obligations, age and health. Richard Gilmore absence left a gapping hole which they handled magnificently. The pain from his death crossed from non-fiction into fiction, making up for some of the best scenes in the entire of the series.

The way all actors resumed their characters to a T shows true talent. Simply amazing. Gilmore Girls cast shows that when you get actors that care for their show you deliver the best show to your fans. Veronica Mars was the same. The deep appreciation for their fans.


Why on Earth aren’t you on Xanax? It was invented for you.Michel Gerard to Lorelai Gilmore, A Year in the Life


Story and plot wise Gilmore Girls has some controversy which I believe to be the result of fans having too many expectations about how the revival would go. The over hyped four last words, which fans have been speculating about for years. For me the show was good, I knew it was going to be an open ending because the creators said so and in interviews with Entertainment Weekly the actors commented that when they found out the last four words they said that it was not a closure to the story.

Now I only wish they’d release a book to continue the story or at least wrap up the open ending. I’m pretty sure a spin off is not possible considering many of the actors involved in the open ending already have other on going jobs. And lets be honest, a spin off would not work. What made this show great was the whole of it. The town and all its people.

I’m still mad at Netflix for blocking VPN and forcing me to the Netherlands catalog only, which is almost abysmal. But one thing Netflix can do very well is pick their original shows. I’m very glad they got Gilmore Girls and not Hulu or Amazon.

‘Stranger Things’ takes you back to the 80’s

- July 28th, 2016 -

Illustrated VHS cover.

Netflix latest show, Stranger Things, is a classic 80’s throwback show. A mix of The Goonies and Poltergeist. The cinematography makes it seem it was even filmed in the 80’s. No fancy CGI effects or anything, at least not that it was obvious. From what I read even the sound is like you are watching it on a VHS tape. Remember video cassettes? That thing you needed to rewind before you could see the movie?

The peculiarity of the 80’s style intro screen at the beginning of each episode, in this modern age, is a breath of fresh air. The theme music is also pure vintage 80’s from what I have read.

Stranger Things has a strong cast starting with Winona Ryder, all grown up and mature. This is the show that can relaunch her career. The kids are excellent actors, nothing like these Disney or Nickelodeon kids that seem to be on a sugar high all day long.

Millie Bobby Brown 12 years old and already destined to be one of the greatest. She plays “Eleven” or “El” as Mike names her. She doesn’t have many lines but oh man she can act. Her facial expression tells every emotion. There are many adult actors in Hollywood that aren’t even half as good as her. She really brought that extra punch to Stranger Things.

The show is 8 episodes long, each episode is about 48 minutes including the intro. Every episode is so good that before I knew it I was done watching it in two days. Half away the season it was pass midnight and I was sitting in my dark living room with hands before my eyes watching the scary parts.

I also enjoyed the though Chief of Police, Hopper. No beating around the bush with him, he’ll just sucker punch someone out cold and move on to get things done. Modern cops on TV shows are all about the red tape and following protocols. Not in Hawkins, Indiana circa 1983.

Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.Chief Hopper, Stranger Things

Beside that the show is obviously set in the 80’s, details that we don’t stop to think about makes the show even greater. Like, when the kids have a pressing science question, no one whips out a smartphone to Google it. There isn’t any computer around let alone internet. Instead Dustin picks up the phone and calls his science teacher at 10 p.m. to ask a question and have him explain the answer to him to a T. When his teacher ask why he wants to know this info at night, Dustin answers: Fun.

Animation Chapter One

I’ll stop here before I spoil you. If you love or even like 80’s classics you really should watch Stranger Things. Don’t skip it!