The Hague Food Guide

Lot Sixty One

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Next to Filtro, Lot Sixty One is one of my favourite coffee bars. They serve their own specialty roast and best of all they have a decaf roast. They are open 7 days a week, early morning till early evening and on holidays.

You can also get vegan cakes, cookies, and they have a nice breakfast and lunch menu. In the Spring and Summer you can enjoy their garden and iced coffee.

A note on decaf/lowcaf coffee

Filtro and Lot Sixty One are the only coffee bars that serve specialty decaf or lowcaf. All others in the city center don’t serve it at all or they serve mass roasted decaf such as Illy’s, Douwe Egberts or Bocca. All which I tried, none that I liked.

For many people drinking caffeine makes them feel ill. Including me.

Drinking decaf also makes it possible to enjoy more than one cup or have one at night. A good cup of coffee with or without caffeine is damn nice to drink.

Unfortunately still many baristas and coffee drinkers look down on decaf or lowcaf.

Quality wise, there is almost no difference between a specialty roasted decaf or lowcaf and caffeine. Examples of good decaf or lowcaf roasters are Lot Sixty One, La Cabra, The Barn and Red Bank Coffee. Many of them also rotate their decaf/lowcaf beans so you are not stuck drinking the same all the time.