The Hague Food Guide

according to Darice

Since moving to The Hague I have become a foodie. I started sharing the places I eat at through my blog. But as the content has become out dated I created this one page to keep track of my go to places.
In my guide you’ll find places I go to regularly or semi regularly in a year. Almost all these places are in the city centre. I keep going to them because the food quality is consistent, the service is friendly and the price/quality is good. I know that the chances of being disappointed is small.


Bulgari Manouche
This little Lebanese manouche place is one of my regular go to places. My favorite is the cheese and spicy meat. Their fresh lemon juice is addictive and if you still have room try their Halawa sweet manouche.


Plank with viarity of food : soup, rosti, bread, salad
When I want to sit down and have a healthy lunch with a cup of tea I go to Instock. At Instock they cook with rescued food so the ingredients are always different. My go to is the plank with soup, bread, salad and other goodies.

Walter Benedict

Blueberry pancakes with tea and a rainy backdrop
You can’t go wrong at Walter Benedict. When I crave blueberry pancakes I take a 20 minutes walk just to eat one at Walter Benedict. They also have an awesome burger that is hard to resist. It’s always busy so make sure you make a reservation.

‘t Achterommetje

Veggie Burger
Hidden in the alley of The Passage, this small sandwich, salad and soup place can be found. Ideal for a quiet lunch or a built your own grilled cheese sandwich. Try their meat sandwich or veggie burger.

Woeng Kee

Dim Sums and fried rice
Opinions varies on which is the best restaurant in Chinatown. For me it is Woeng Kee. A second favorite is Kaa Lun Palace (Previously named Kee Lun). Woeng Kee has a couple of dishes that are my go to, like honey and walnuts chicken or fried ravioli beef dim sum.

South of Houston

Chicken burger
When it’s time for sitting down for wining and dining, my go to place is South of Houston. They have a delicious mac and cheese side dish. Premium dry aged beef, chicken, fish and options for vegetarians.It’s busy most nights, so make reservations.

Mr. Bap

Kimchi pancakes and bowl with udon noodles
This small Korean lunchroom is easy to miss. One day I finally decided to step foot inside and eat something there. I was not disappointed. It’s run by a Korean family. It’s like sitting in their living room while they cook a meal for you. I especially like their Kimchi pancake and the rice and bulgogi. You can only pay cash there.

Frites Atelier

Friet with meat stew
I used to have a french fries addiction. It’s under control now. But when I get that craving I go to Frites Atelier. It’s a gourmet twist to french fries so don’t expect a snackbar experience here. My favorite is the meat stew. Which is so filling it substitutes dinner.
Living over 10 years in The Hague, there are more places I frequent on and off over the years. When I want tomato soup I go to Eat Company, sometimes I drop by just to buy banana cake for dessert later. They used to have the traditional Dutch pea soup, it was so good. I miss it in winter time.
That time you need a quick lunch, Dungelmann kroket is the best. Pair it with a smoothie from Smoothie Company or go hardcore and get a frappuccino at Starbucks. Rather have something else than beef kroket, something like a vegetarian truffle and mushroom kroket? Head over to Het Kroket Loket.
Is Frites Atelier too gourmet for your tastes? Try out BIK Frietwerk at Turfmarkt for french fries with hot cheese or with meatballs. Plenty of choice for meat eaters and vegetarians.
Craving some Indonesian rice table? Check out Istana, it’s a family favorite. I usually go there for their saoto soup when I have a cold.Honorable mention to Pastis. A small French restaurant. Always super busy, simple but excellent menu. One of my favorites that I seldom eat at. I should rectify that.My go to places have changed over the years. Now with so many food options I tend to go less to the same places regularly. But these are the places I think of immediately if you ask me where to go to.